Everyone who attended Super Saturday 2016 had the opportunity to join the AGO with a six-month free voluntary organist membership. We are pleased to announce that thirty-five people took advantage of this offer! Please take the opportunity to meet them at our opening social in September and make everyone feel welcome. Note: Specific contact information is available in the member directory on this site.

Chantale Aldous

Ashlyn Anderson

Kelly Bunker

Carol Christensen

Nancy Cluff

Robert G. Condie

Sherelda Crippen

Rebecca Douglass

Janice Graham

Brent Harper

Jane Haynie

Lois Hodges

Vicki Hunsaker

Dalene Hurst

Melanie Jones

Steven Kerr

Cami Lundskog

Carol Ann Mercier

Jon Parkinson

Jordan Payne

Jeralyn Ream

Carolyn Rigtrup

Christine Schumann

Julynn Simmons

Elsie Smith

Marilyn Smith

David Snavely

Gary Starr

Kathleen Stitt

Jean Stringam

Julie Turnbow

Annabelle Villaroman

Brian Watson

Mary Beth Weston

Weldon Whipple

April Williams

Zina Peterson Woods