Q: What is the purpose of the Guild’s certification program?

A: The AGO provides a system of examination and certification with a dual purpose: 1) To encourage a high standard of knowledge and performance among its members, and 2) To recognize the achievement of this standard by the awarding of certificates. These certificates are recognized and chartered through the AGOs original charter in the State of New York. Four levels, ranging from the modest demands of the Service Playing Certificate to the advanced demands of the Fellowship, are provided for organists. In addition, superior competence in choral conducting is recognized through the Choir Master Certificate.


Q: I just started playing the organ in church and would like to improve my skills. How would participation in the Guild benefit me?

A: The Utah Valley Chapter is made up of organists and organ enthusiasts just like you! We extend a cordial invitation to join with us in promoting the organ, encouraging excellence in the performance of organ and choral music, and participating in a forum for the mutual support, inspiration, and education of our members.


Q: Is the AGO a church music organization?

A: The AGO was established for, and remains committed to, the advancement of organ music. It is not a church music organization, but since the majority of its members are church organists, it seeks to assist its members in applying their art to the needs of their positions. The versatility required of the organist who serves the varied musical needs of a place of worship must be given importance equal to that of the performance of organ music in concert.


Q: I hear and read about the TAO. What is TAO?

A: TAO is the acronym for The American Organist magazine, which is published monthly by the American Guild of Organists. It is the most widely read journal devoted to organ and choral music in the world.


Q: When are the AGO conventions held?

A: The AGO holds both national and regional conventions. The National Convention is held in even-numbered years and reflects the diverse aspects of the Guild and its official work across the country. It is held as a function of the national organization in partnership with a selected host chapter. The AGO Regional Conventions are held during the summer of odd-numbered years. For more information on national and regional conventions, please visit the AGO website, www.agohq.org.