2016-2018 Executive Officers

Chapter Dean: Quinten Knudsen

Quinten received his Bachelor in Music, with an emphasis in Organ Performance, from Brigham Young University, where he studied with Don Cook and Douglas Bush. He previously studied with Christian Huebner and Johnathan Biggers. He currently serves as organist at Orem Community Church in Orem, Utah, and as a ward organist for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Also, he composes and arranges sacred music.

His interest with the organ began at thirteen years of age. He has continued to grow and develop his love for sacred music throughout his life. He hopes to continue onto graduate work in sacred music.

He is active in the Utah Valley chapter of the American Guild of Organists, teaching at Super Saturday workshops, and was elected dean of the chapter for the 2016-2018 term. As chapter dean, Quinten will work closely with chapter officers and standing committees and serve as primary liaison with district and regional leaders.

Sub-Dean: Sheri Peterson

As sub-dean, Sheri serves as support for chapter events and activities and officiates in the absence of the dean.

“Membership in the AGO is a blessing in my life. It is a pleasure to connect with like-minded people and have opportunities to serve others and learn from them. I delight in associating with many fine people who are interested in improving their organ skills and increasing their knowledge, regardless of their levels of proficiency, as well as desiring to help others do the same. We often hear that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it takes everyone’s help to have a successful chapter. Our wonderful members are exceptional at contributing to our success. I am a better person because of my association with the AGO.”

Registrar/Treasurer:  David Chamberlin

Registrar/Treasurer: David Chamberlin

David Chamberlin feels very fortunate to be an organist and an organ builder. Since 1985 he has been vice-president and tonal director at Bigelow & Co. Organ Builders and, since 1987, has served as organist at Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Salt Lake City. David is also the composer and publisher of LDS Hymn Voluntaries—“an organ piece for every hymn in the book”—a work still in progress. He is a regular presenter at the chapter’s annual Super Saturdays and has also presented at the BYU Organ Workshop.

David has served as sub-dean of the Salt Lake City chapter of the AGO and dean and sub-dean of the Utah Valley chapter, currently serving as the treasurer and registrar. His duties include managing the membership records and finances and overseeing the chapter’s dues collections.

David’s involvement in the AGO puts him in association with like-minded people who care about the things that are important to him, with opportunities to serve and learn from each other. He considers every chapter member a friend and feels inspired by all—irrespective of their skill level, knowledge, or experience.


Secretary: Jack Stoneman