2022-2024 Executive Officers


Chapter Dean: Harold Stuart

I started piano at age five and organ at age 15. I fell in love with the organ at age 12 in my grandparents’ living room, listening to recordings of E. Power Biggs and Alexander Schreiner playing amazing pieces on great instruments. Little did I know that I would go on to play many of the same pieces that inspired me then.

I lived in Cache Valley as a young man and took lessons from Lynn Thomas, who would become a significant mentor for me. My teachers since then have included Liz Forsyth and Neil Harmon. Each of these people have inspired and motivated me, and I’m grateful for my association with them.

I am blessed to be a servant of this great chapter. I also serve at the national level of the Guild and have heard leaders there praise this chapter for its high level of involvement.  As your dean, I hope to continue our chapter’s tradition of service and education, with an active and vigorous program.

The organ is a great gift that has been given to us through over two thousand years of history. I hope that we will pass that gift forward to the next generation, inspiring and encouraging them much like Biggs and Schreiner did me, to serve others through the King of Instruments.

Chapter Sub-Dean: Marcine Sawyer

My love for the keyboard began when I was a small child and according to most of my relatives, my piano playing was incessant. I believe that phase passed when my mom told me I had to practice for my lessons. My love for the keyboard has never ceased and I am grateful for the encouragement and support of good parents.

I received a piano scholarship to Ricks College, now BYU Idaho and studied with Dr. Del Parkinson. After receiving my associate degree, most of my time and attention turned to raising 5 children. During those years I was still heavily involved in music: church, community, and teaching.

When my children were mostly grown, I was accepted into the Organ Performance program at BYU and graduated in April 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts, emphasis in Organ after studying with Drs. Don Cook and Brian Mathias. Since graduation, I have had the opportunity to study with Dr. Neil Harmon.

The most significant gift I have received through music is the love and association of people, whether they be teachers, students, fellow musicians, or grateful listeners. Now it is my privilege to help organize UVAGO activities, and in the process meet many more friends. I look forward to that.

Treasurer: David Chamberlin

David Chamberlin feels very fortunate to be an organist and an organ builder. Since 1985 he has been vice-president and tonal director at Bigelow & Co. Organ Builders and, since 1987, has served as organist at Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Salt Lake City. David is also the composer and publisher of LDS Hymn Voluntaries—“an organ piece for every hymn in the book”—a work still in progress. He is a regular presenter at the chapter’s annual Super Saturdays and has also presented at the BYU Organ Workshop.

David has served as sub-dean of the Salt Lake City chapter of the AGO and dean and sub-dean of the Utah Valley chapter, currently serving as the treasurer and registrar. His duties include managing the membership records and finances and overseeing the chapter’s dues collections.

David’s involvement in the AGO puts him in association with like-minded people who care about the things that are important to him, with opportunities to serve and learn from each other. He considers every chapter member a friend and feels inspired by all—irrespective of their skill level, knowledge, or experience.

Secretary: Dorothy Jensen

Dorothy Jensen comes from Whittier, California. She graduated from Utah State University with a BA in Child Development and Elementary Education (with minors in music and physical sciences) and an MA in Family and Child Development. She taught early childhood courses at Scripps College (Claremont, California) and Ohio State University, and then taught kindergarten for one year in Columbus, Ohio, and 21 years at Cherry Hill Elementary School in Orem, Utah. She is married to Richard Jensen, and they are the parents of six children.

After Dorothy retired in 2014, she started to fulfill something that she had always wanted to do: play the organ in the temple. Dorothy had taken piano lessons from age six through sophomore in college, but was not a hymn player and did not know anything about playing the organ. She started taking organ lessons from Sheri Peterson in January 2015 and was accepted to play in the Provo Temple in early 2016. She really loves serving there!

Dorothy became involved in UVAGO because Sheri was chapter dean when Dorothy met her. Sheri soon had Dorothy helping with the Pipe Organ Encounter sponsored by our chapter in 2016. She is sure she learned more than the teenagers she taxied to organ lessons, concerts, organ crawls, etc. It was a new world to her, and she is enjoying the continued acquaintances and opportunities for learning.