St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 50 West 200 North, in Provo is eager for us to continue using their facility for chapter events and musical programs. They would like to encourage our chapter members to use their venue for organ, instrumental, and vocal recitals. If you are interested in playing at St. Mary’s, you can contact Anna Judkins, the current organist and church secretary. Anna is an active member of our chapter and has served as our BYU student representative. You may email her at: .

Our friends at Provo Community Church are eager for us to perform at their facility. They are currently involved in renovating the building and have plans to install a pipe organ in the sanctuary. Fund raising events are in progress, and PCC would love for our members to perform at some of these events. They are looking for soloists and small to medium-sized instrumental and vocal groups to perform. If you would like an opportunity to participate, please contact Dave Lewis, church music director, at 801-228-7782.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Don Cook has won the AGO National election and will serve as the new Councillor for Education, effective July 1, 2014. Don brings a host of educational experience to this position and will represent the AGO well.