We have a rank of 4 foot principal pipes from the Wicks organ that we would like to sell for $400. We had once planned to add it to our organ, but have decided we don’t need it.

Joan Stevens
Email: moc.l1568814219iamg@1568814219tjlsn1568814219evets1568814219

A former long-term Salt Lake City AGO member Eila Cagle is selling her organ. See details below.

Dear Friends,

Pain has encompassed nearly every part of my body. To sit and play at age 92 for three hours straight at Korean Presbyterian nearly did me in. I resigned mid November. Now, I find I cannot play but 15 to 20 minutes; and that is very frustrating.

I would appreciate it if I could submit a few lines indicating that I must sell my Johannus Vivaldi Organ 270, which indicates a two manual with more stops than I could ever use. I purchased it Feb. 2016 at $18,000. I love this Johannus; but my 92nd year has brought many aches and pains and reduced endurance…thus only 15-20 minutes maximum at the organ.

My cell phone is best: 248-909-6566.

Thank you so much – I really appreciate your help.