ppp1The AGO is dedicated to ensuring another generation of musicians and enthusiasts of organ and choral music. The Guild has programs, both on the local and national levels, that span every age group and level of proficiency.

The Utah Valley chapter sponsors many activities of interest to potential or new organists. To find out about educational programs, organ crawls, in-school or in-church presentations, field trips to organ builders and special installations, day or weekend seminars, recitals, or other local activities, contact us anytime.

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“The New Organist” on the National AGO Website

The New Organist webpage of the American Guild of Organists assists pianists to learn to play the organ! The Committee on The New Organist is dedicated to providing answers to common questions through their webpage. Help yourself to these resources (most of them free) for anyone learning about the organ: The New Organist

In July, 2016, the American Guild of Organists (AGO) Committee on Continuing Professional Education (CCPE) commissioned concert organist Frederick Hohman to author and present a series of 30 video music lessons, with the goal of helping pianists of intermediate achievement to make a successful transition to the pipe organ when leading music in worship. The series is entitled LESSONS FOR THE NEW ORGANIST. The series of 30 videos is scripted by Hohman, with oversight and input from Dr. Don Cook, the current Councillor for Education at AGO, and by Dr. Sharon Hettinger, the current Director of AGO’s CCPE. The series offers a graded series of lessons, where Hohman is seen in a variety of contrasting venues throughout Michigan and Indiana, with spaces ranging from small to large, and with organs of several types of design. The entire 30-lesson series may now be seen on the AGO’s YouTube Channel.

The New LDS Organist – A Guide through the First Months

This free course of twelve lessons is designed to help LDS pianists adapt their skills to the organ as soon as possible. All twelve lessons are available free over the Internet as audio lessons (podcasts). The lessons involve listening to instruction, trying out new skills while seated at the organ, and playing simplified hymns. Visit http://www.organ.byu.edu/ for more information.

Organ Study – Brigham Young University School of Music

BYU offers organ training from novice through graduate levels, including several independent study organ courses and summer workshops (descriptions below). Follow the links at http://www.organ.byu.edu/ for more information.


Brigham Young University Independent Study offers a variety of organ courses designed to provide motivation and instruction for organists to improve their skills by working toward specific goals. Traditional instruction is offered through books and computer lessons, while performance instruction is coordinated with qualified organ instructors in the vicinity of the student.

BYU ORGAN WORKSHOP (Offered by BYU Conferences and Workshops)

The BYU Organ Workshop offers four days of instruction in organ playing skills. Up to five classes are scheduled every hour to meet the needs of beginning to advanced organists. Whether you use your skills in the church service, for teaching, or for your own enjoyment, you will be taught and encouraged by more than a dozen seasoned instructors.


The BYU Young Musicians Summer Festival is a workshop for young instrumentalists and vocalists ages 14–18 who want to improve their musical skills and talents. It is a six-day musical experience with instruction in more than 20 instruments, including voice. Instruction is given by the BYU School of Music faculty and guest instructors, and is offered at the beginning level for pianists who want to study organ and also at the intermediate and advanced levels. Several BYU organ majors began their organ studies with the Summer Festival.