Hymn Sing: Clay Christiansen

Pedal Prompts: Landon Finch

A Solid Foundation: Landon Finch



Line Upon Line (Beginner):

A Solid Foundation: How to set and use general pistons in a crescendo pattern for hymn playing (include general registration guidelines and uses – possibly include some divisionals?)

Pedal Prompts: Learn how to add pedal notes to hymns — even if you’re playing new hymns every week

Piano Practice at Home: Making the most of practice time by using your piano to practice organ music, limiting practice time needed at church


Enhancing Worship (Intermediate):

Primarily Prelude: How to register and adapt Primary songs to the organ (include this year’s Primary program songs?)

Enhanced Introductions: Finding and creating effective and motivating hymn introductions (possible sources: Dale Wood’s book, hymn arrangements, hymn harmonizations, choir pieces, etc.)

Rise Above: How a third hand playing descants can easily enhance hymn singing and get the youth involved

All Things Choir (Advanced):

Accompanying: How to adapt choral accompaniments written for the piano or keyboard to the organ

Registering: How to register the organ for choir accompaniment – when to use strings, flutes, reeds, and even celestes (maybe even how to find tidbits to solo out?)

Experiencing: “Voices on” session while the instructor utilizes the above techniques and attendees sing in the “choir” (possible sources: the Choir Book, Staheli’s site, Sacred Sheet Music, or loaner music from Jackman?)

Hymn Sing (All):

This hymn sing will utilize motivating hymn introductions, descants, alternate harmonizations, and interludes to provide attendees with a renewed vision of how worship can be enhanced through implementing these techniques. A source list will be provided as a handout.