I hope you and your families are staying healthy and sane during this unusual year.

I would like to invite our chapter community to thank the 2018-2020 chapter board members, especially Lori Serr for her excellent leadership as dean. Send good karma their way for their dedication and service to our chapter.

It is an honor to accept the invitation to serve as dean. Twelve years ago, I joined the faculty of the English Department at BYU to teach medieval literature. As a break from academic pressures, I studied organ with Dr. Don Cook. Don invited me to UVAGO activities, joking that one day I would become chapter dean. I thought that was a crazy idea, but I was hungry for social interaction. Chapter members kindly welcomed a fellow organ lover, and friendships have blossomed over the years, as I have served on chapter boards as secretary, newsletter editor, and sub-dean. My story is testament that every organist enthusiast is welcome in our chapter.

I hope that the new board will continue the chapter’s legacy of supporting and enhancing all of us in our engagement with the organ.

Be well,
Miranda Wilcox