Message from Lori Serr – November 9, 2018 –

I was informed through an email last evening that our beloved teacher, colleague, and friend, Parley Belnap, had passed away.  Don Cook posted a beautiful tribute to him which is included below. We hope you will join us Saturday evening at 6 pm in the American Fork East Stake Center for our chapter’s memorial recital to Parley, as we show our gratitude to this wonderful man through music and loving tributes.

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Facebook Tribute to Dr. Parley L. Belnap
by Don Cook

Dr. Parley L. Belnap passed away Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 7, in the company of his family. He had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and most recently from pneumonia.

He served on the organ faculty of the Brigham Young University School of Music between 1965 and 1998. I was one of hundreds of organists who enjoyed his caring mentorship.

His musical training was excellent – he had a way of inspiring his students and guiding them skillfully into excellence in performance. Even more valuable, though, was his life-skills training. He constantly reminded us to balance our passion for music with other important priorities, such as our relationships with family and with God. If the “big chunks” are in order in my life, Parley Belnap can take major credit for pointing the way.

The BYU Organ Program is now enjoying the benefits of Dr. Belnap’s vision. For example, the group organ program with its organ lab and the Independent Study organ courses were his brain children. The wonderfully varied practice organs were designed and installed under his leadership. His “Hymn Studies for Organists” is still an excellent resource for hymn playing.

It was an honor to serve with Parley on the BYU organ faculty between 1991 and 1998, and then to enjoy his friendship and that of his wife Bona and his children for two decades since his retirement. I cherish what he stands for, and will continue to pass his legacy on to our students.

If you know Dr. Parley Belnap and haven’t read Mike Ohman’s interview with him, you owe it to yourself to read it.…/Parley_Belnap_Interview_16_No… Here is a link to a short biography/history.


November 10
Parley Belnap Tribute Recital
American Fork East Stake Center
825 East 500 North
6:00 p.m.Former students of Dr. Parley Belnap convene at the American Fork East Stake Center to perform a tribute recital in his honor.