Message from the Dean –
Lori Serr –

Dear Friends,

Regarding the chapter’s upcoming scheduled events, it has become more of a concern for me this week as more public events have been canceled or postponed in our area. It has been suggested by the executive officers of our chapter that all of our planned events through May be postponed or canceled. Most of us would agree with this action.

So, as of now, we will go ahead with the Bach recital on March 20, postpone the hymn playing workshop on April 25 until possibly this fall, and reschedule the May 8 closing social recital and use them as events for the next AGO year, September 2020 through May 2021.

As we considered guidelines that were given by Governor Herbert this week, we feel fine with continuing our plans to have the Bach recital: “Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has asked churches, among others, to limit gatherings to fewer than 100 people for two weeks, beginning on Monday, March 16. He also asked people over the age of 60 and those with compromised immune systems to avoid gatherings of more than 20 people” ( Based attendance in the past, we do not anticipate attendance at the recital to exceed 100 people, but do anticipate more than 20. We trust that anyone with a compromised immune system or those over 60 will self-regulate.

The timing of all this is unfortunate and disappointing on so many fronts, but it is better to be aware and cautious. I hope that all of you can stay safe and well!