Hello Organist Friends!

In 1665, Isaac Newton was sent home from Trinity College, Cambridge, to sit out the Great Plague. Famously, that fall he discovered gravity and used the rest of the year to invent calculus.

What can we be doing as organists to improve our time during this pandemic?

Bonnie Goodliffe answered that question for us when she gave the keynote address at the 2009 BYU Organ Workshop. Introducing us to her system of list making, she told us about the list she called “poco a poco—things which can be done a little at a time.” She reminded us that it is only by small and simple means that great things are brought to pass, and she promised that “one step a week or even one a month adds up to a fair distance down the road.”

In that spirit, the UVAGO is making 2020-2021 a year of achieving challenges for organists. Each month, we’ll suggest something small that you can do to improve your efforts. We’ll help you by sharing handouts or worksheets and hosting online forums. Some months, these will take the form of a Zoom roundtable discussion; other months we’ll invite you to record and post your performances online.

Click on the button below and take a minute to look at the overview for the year. You’ll find there’s something for everyone.

Organ Challenges Overview